Sunday, April 21, 2013

Problemele unui obsedat de carti...

Submitted by Nonsensical Girl 
I wish I could show you guys a picture of my friend’s face when I read her this submission because I don’t think she has ever come into my living room and not picked up my copy of Ella Enchanted to start re-reading her favorite parts. Ever. 

Submitted by xxbeautifulxmonsterxx 
Just so y’all know, I met Ally Condie and Cassia’s name in Matched is pronounced “Cay-juh” with that smooth “ju” sound. It threw me off too, if anyone was wondering.

Submitted by aeylla
I can’t even count the number of times I have done this. In the past week. 

Submitted by thefaultsinourstarrs
I can’t even handle my breakdowns sometimes. I see read. For more information, see the post I recently made regarding Eragon… 

Submitted by xxbeautifulxmonsterxx
Too true for words… 

Submitted by xxbeautifulxmonsterxx
And this is why some of my friends have had their book loaning privileges revoked. Permanently. You don’t mess with my books, or you end up messing with me. 

It is a sickness. But I don’t understand it. 

It just hurts to watch. 

Ah, that “new book” sound. 


Leontina said...

Foarte drăguțe și adevărate :)

Denisa C said...

317-Mă reprezintă ,cred că o să mor singură=)),iar 320-se întâmplă mereuuuu.
312 e cireaşa de pe tort!! Sunt fan al sportului cărţi!!:))

Maria :) said...

Hehe, ma bucur ca nu sunt singura!

Ralu said...

Ce interesant! 312 chiar mă caracterizează. :))